Is Your Air Conditioner Making You Sick? Dangers of a Moldy Indoor Coil

DOES YOUR AC VENTS look like???   Call today to find out!  305 791 5020  Inside your air conditioner, there are two coils. One coil you can see, and one you can’t. When you have an air conditioner tune-up, our technicians clean both coils to make sure your system is clean and running at peak efficiency. But did you ever wonder what gets on that coil in the first place?  At Cool Aid Air Conditioning, our technicians see the inside of many different units. Keep reading to find out what could be inside your air conditioner, and what to do about it. OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND Because you can’t see the evaporator coil on your indoor unit, there’s no way to know when it needs to be cleaned. While you can’t see it, mold could be growing on this coil, hampering your air conditioner, and introducing mold spores into your air. But how do you know? Here are three questions to ask yourself: Are you changing your filter monthly? Has your AC been experiencing frequent breakdowns? Have you noticed an increase in your energy bill even though your use hasn’t changed? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might have a dirty coil.…

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Smart Ways to Bring Shade to Your Outdoor Space

Finding Relief From the Heat Custom Canopies - Residential For all your canvas needs, Oceanside Canvas is only one call away! Adding an awning or canopy feels like adding a whole new room to your house. One of the favorite parts of our job is seeing customers walk under their new canopy for the first time, realizing all of the happy times that await them in their new space. Photo Provide by a local company called Oceanside Canvas.  Phone #: 305-896-6612 Address: 21460 Overseas Hwy., Suite 2 (3rd Floor), Cudjoe Key, FL 33042    Bahama Style Louvered Shutters - Custom Designed Exterior Shutters - Eyebrow Awning Shutter for Porch Photo provided by Dynamic Garage Door Sail Away Shade Sail Triangular is a great way to create shade, keep the house and yard cooler during the day plus adding on the lights creates a beautiful ambiance for the evening time. Enjoy this look in the day or night time with all your friends and family.   For a free quote from a local Company called Oceanside Canvas:  Phone #: 305-896-6612 Address: 21460 Overseas Hwy., Suite 2 (3rd Floor), Cudjoe Key, FL 33042 Retractable Canopies Monster Tiki builds custom tiki huts for right in your backyard! So whether you…

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