Best Plants For Air Purification in your Home!

What’s not to love about the great indoors? It’s got food, it’s got Wi-Fi, and there’s less of a chance you’ll make eye contact with a stranger. Huge benefits.But there can be a downside to spending the majority of the day inside. Indoor air pollution is a major health concern in the modern age, and can lead to something called “sick building syndrome”.  (The building doesn’t have the sniffles, you’re the one that gets sick.)Purify the air in your home with attractive house plants!With restricted ventilation and improper filtering, the air indoors can become saturated with dust, allergens, and chemicals. Breathing in those irritants all day can cause headaches, sore throat and eye irritation.Luckily for you, there’s an easy way to fight back. By bringing a little bit of the outdoors inside, you can filter the air in your home and workplace so you can breathe easy and enjoy your Wi-Fi in good health.Best Plants For Air PurificationPeace LilyThe ubiquitous peace lily prefers low light settings, just like most teenagers. But it’s also easy to care for, needing only lightly moistened soil throughout the year. In return, it’ll give you those pretty white blooms and no attitude.Unfortunately, during flowering the peace lily can actually add allergens like pollen…

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>YES< This is happening inside your house!!

The Importance Of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Nowadays Outdoor sources should also be taken into consideration – mostly because outdoor air enters school buildings through windows, doors and ventilation systems. Therefore, transportation and maintenance activities are also factors that affect the indoor pollutant levels. The Importance Of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Nowadays Over the past few years, there have been many studies performed by EPA and the Science Advisory Board (SAB) that ranked indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks to public health. Indoor air quality is, therefore, an important component of a healthy indoor environment and can help both homeowners, schools and facilities to reach their primary goal of ensuring a proper environment for their family, children, and workers. In other words, failure to prevent or respond to indoor air quality in a prompt way can lead to the following: Long and short-term health problems Cough Eye irritation Skin rashes Allergic reactions Life-threatening conditions Carbon monoxide poisoning On top of this, indoor air quality (IAQ) can aggravate asthma and other respiratory issues. In times when nearly 1 in 13 children has asthma or suffers from respiratory issues, poor indoor air quality can also: Impact student attendance in school as well as their comfort and performance Decrease…

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How DOES your AC work???

Central Air ConditioningThanks to the second law of thermodynamics, air conditioners make hot, stuffy rooms comfortable, but technically they don’t cool the air. “An air conditioner works like your refrigerator,” says Scott Needham, president of Princeton Air in West Windsor.“It moves heat from one space to another.” According to the second law, when solids, liquids, or gases of different temperatures meet, heat shifts from the warmer to the cooler until they reach the same temperature, or equilibrium. People used to effect heat transfer, as it’s called, by blowing hot air across blocks of ice or towels soaked in ice water. It worked but required massive amounts of ice or cold water.In July 1881, for example, when President James Garfield, shot by an assassin, lay dying in Elberon for over two months, doctors went through 250 tons of ice to cool his room.Then, in 1906, New Yorker Willis H. Carrier patented an “Apparatus for Treating Air,” initiating the age of air conditioning. In 1915, Carrier formed the company that still bears his name. Early units were massive, costly, and—because they used toxic ammonia or sulfur dioxide as a refrigerant—dangerous. Then came Freon, which had environmental problems. Early forms of Freon have been replaced by green HFCs. Apart from…

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How to Prep Your AC System for Hurricane Season

Turn Off the Electricity or Unplug Your Unit Cover Your AC Unit with a Tarp or Plywood Watch for Rising Tides and Standing Water. If you unit is located on the floor level, We would suggest having us @ Cool Aid Air Conditioning Secure any outdoor air conditioners with hurricane straps, if necessary to protect them from high winds. Once the storm passes, visually inspect the air conditioning systems before you turn them on.  You may need to contact a mechanical or HVAC contractor to make sure your unit is safe to operate. Know When to Turn It Off If you know a hurricane is on the way, there are a few critical steps that you should take. First, turn the temperature down a few extra degrees to get your home as cool as possible before you have to turn the system off. As the hurricane approaches, you should turn the air conditioner off by cutting electricity to this appliance. This will protect it from electrical surges during the storm. Don’t turn the AC unit back on until the storm has passed and you’ve carefully inspected it for any signs of damage. CALL TODAY for more information 305 791 5020

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Does your bedroom get hot at night?

Multi-Zone Ductless Mini Split Cooling If you are using a centralized air conditioning  system, for example, you are almost powerless over these hot spots and cold spots. And the worst part is, you have no means of controlling the energy that the problematic areas consume. You might as well imagine the airflow that comes out of the vents inside these rooms as wasted energies that would just keep padding your electric bill. Unbalanced temperature brings you the following main concerns: 1. You don’t really get the exact comfort that you need 2. More chance for disagreement over the temperature among family members 3. Some rooms are not fully maximized 4. Energy is wasted 5. You get higher electricity bill What is a Multi-Zone Ductless Mini Split Cooling and Heating System? Customized Cooling and Heating, Personalized Comfort Precise Temperature Control, Enhanced Comfort Experience High Energy-efficiency, Bigger Savings. Smarter Control, Greater Convenience Flexible Installation, Versatile Application CONTACT US How Much Does a Multi-Zone Mini Split Cost? Keep in mind that the cost of a multi-zone mini split system depends on the following: The type of the system The size of the mini split unit The number of air handlers that you need  The complexity of installation that is…

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SUMMER Special is HERE!

CALL TODAY with Questions regarding the "Summer Special" Call today for more details on the Summer Special!  There’s an easier way to keep you cool! Get ready for the SUMMER HEAT….  Give us a CALL today to schedule your "Summertime" tune-up. Serving Key West to Marathon: Summerland Key, Big Torch and Little Torch Keys, Cudjoe Key, Sugarloaf Key, Big Coppitt Key, and Stock Island.

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NEW Shirts are IN!

What do you think about your NEW T-shirts??? CHECK out OUR NEW shirts w/ our NEW LOGO! Coolaid Air Conditioning is available for all your Air Conditioning needs. Give the experts today with any questions you may have about your Air Conditioning! GIVE US A CALL: 305.791.5020 Check out our website  

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Do UV Lights Kill Mold and Bacteria?

UV works! Ultraviolet lights were shown to kill mold, viruses and bacteria more than 100 years ago.  In fact, in 1903, Niels Finsen was given the Noble Prize in Medicine for using UV to effectively treat patients with skin infections.Today, UV lights are used for germicidal use in hospitals, restaurants and grocery stores. And they have been shown effective in killing sterilizing an HVAC system. Here are two examples:1). In 2012, a study at Duke University Medical Center showed that UV lights killed 97% of bacteria that were resistant to antibiotics, the so-called superbug bacteria that are the toughest to kill.2). The Journal of Applied and Environmental Biology reported in 2001 that germicidal UV radiation significantly reduces airborne fungi in air handling units. Give us a CALL today with ANY Questions regarding UV LIGHTS ???? Call Coolaid Air Conditioning of the Lower Keys TODAY  5/5 5 STARS 305 791 5020

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