Does your bedroom get hot at night?

Multi-Zone Ductless Mini Split Cooling

If you are using a centralized air conditioning  system, for example, you are almost powerless over these hot spots and cold spots. And the worst part is, you have no means of controlling the energy that the problematic areas consume. You might as well imagine the airflow that comes out of the vents inside these rooms as wasted energies that would just keep padding your electric bill.

Unbalanced temperature brings you the following main concerns:

1. You don’t really get the exact comfort that you need
2. More chance for disagreement over the temperature among family members
3. Some rooms are not fully maximized
4. Energy is wasted
5. You get higher electricity bill

What is a Multi-Zone Ductless Mini Split Cooling and Heating System?

  • Customized Cooling and Heating, Personalized Comfort
  • Precise Temperature Control, Enhanced Comfort Experience
  • High Energy-efficiency, Bigger Savings.
  • Smarter Control, Greater Convenience
  • Flexible Installation, Versatile Application

How Much Does a Multi-Zone Mini Split Cost?

Keep in mind that the cost of a multi-zone mini split system depends on the following:

  • The type of the system
  • The size of the mini split unit
  • The number of air handlers that you need
  •  The complexity of installation that is required
  • The necessity for other accessories

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Ductless air conditioning is a must-consider for the modern homeowner because it’s more affordable, more flexible, and more efficient than installing inefficient central air or energy-hogging window units. 

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