How to Prep Your AC System for Hurricane Season

  • Turn Off the Electricity or Unplug Your Unit
  • Cover Your AC Unit with a Tarp or Plywood
  • Watch for Rising Tides and Standing Water. If you unit is located on the floor level, We would suggest having us @ Cool Aid Air Conditioning
  • Secure any outdoor air conditioners with hurricane straps, if necessary to protect them from high winds.
  • Once the storm passes, visually inspect the air conditioning systems before you turn them on.  You may need to contact a mechanical or HVAC contractor to make sure your unit is safe to operate.

Know When to Turn It Off

If you know a hurricane is on the way, there are a few critical steps that you should take. First, turn the temperature down a few extra degrees to get your home as cool as possible before you have to turn the system off. As the hurricane approaches, you should turn the air conditioner off by cutting electricity to this appliance. This will protect it from electrical surges during the storm. Don’t turn the AC unit back on until the storm has passed and you’ve carefully inspected it for any signs of damage.

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