Toxic AC Smells and What to do?

Is What You’re Smelling Dangerous? Toxic AC smells include… Burning Odors Electrical odors could indicate a mechanical problem with your AC fan or compressor, wiring issues, or electrical component failure. Made with a variety of metals and chemicals, prolonged exposure to these fumes is not advisable. Gun Powder Cousin to ‘burning smells,’ a distinctive, gunpowder-like aroma may also result from a fried circuit board or fan motor, with odors posing similar dangers. With such smells, it’s always a good idea to call for a professional inspection before running your HVAC system again. Sewage Unfortunately, this smell is often actually from sewage backups or ruptured pipes and venting nearby ductwork. It doesn’t take much to fill your home up with a not-so-lovely methane smell. Flammable and toxic, this stench is nothing to laugh about. Decaying sewage is dangerous to breathe, even at low levels, and at higher concentrations displaces oxygen necessary for breathing. Skunky Aroma With poorly-sealed crawlspace homes, there is a minute chance that skunk smell is actually from skunks, who can quickly tear-up AC ductwork and establish residence. Neither enduring the odor, nor the infestation is good for you – or your AC system. If this is not the case, and you can’t find the source or…

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Is your AC unit blowing hot air?

AC blowing hot or warm air? Want to figure out what the problem is before calling an air conditioning professional? This article is for you. While there are many, many reasons your air conditioner is blowing hot air, we’ll run through the most common causes that you can fix or diagnose on your own.  If you need immediate help, give us a call at (305) 791 5020  Thermostat Settings:  Is the thermostat set incorrectly?  It may sound silly, but we’ve seen it happen before. Double-check your thermostat and make sure it isn’t set to “heat”. It may have been bumped by someone else in the home. Also, check to see if you have your thermostat set to “auto” or “on”. If it’s set to “on”, that means the fan will blow even when the air conditioner isn’t actually cooling. This causes your AC to blow out warmer air out the vents when the outside unit isn’t running. There’s a restriction in airflow A restriction in the airflow to and from your air conditioner often results in not enough air coming out of the vents to cool your home. Restricted airflow can also cause the compressor (the part that moves the refrigerant) in your air conditioner’s outside unit to freeze up.  This…

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Smart Ways to Bring Shade to Your Outdoor Space

Finding Relief From the Heat Custom Canopies - Residential For all your canvas needs, Oceanside Canvas is only one call away! Adding an awning or canopy feels like adding a whole new room to your house. One of the favorite parts of our job is seeing customers walk under their new canopy for the first time, realizing all of the happy times that await them in their new space. Photo Provide by a local company called Oceanside Canvas.  Phone #: 305-896-6612 Address: 21460 Overseas Hwy., Suite 2 (3rd Floor), Cudjoe Key, FL 33042    Bahama Style Louvered Shutters - Custom Designed Exterior Shutters - Eyebrow Awning Shutter for Porch Photo provided by Dynamic Garage Door Sail Away Shade Sail Triangular is a great way to create shade, keep the house and yard cooler during the day plus adding on the lights creates a beautiful ambiance for the evening time. Enjoy this look in the day or night time with all your friends and family.   For a free quote from a local Company called Oceanside Canvas:  Phone #: 305-896-6612 Address: 21460 Overseas Hwy., Suite 2 (3rd Floor), Cudjoe Key, FL 33042 Retractable Canopies Monster Tiki builds custom tiki huts for right in your backyard! So whether you…

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KEYS Rebate Program

KEYS' Rebate Program Replacing old energy-hogging appliances can create major savings on monthly energy bills, but investments in energy efficient appliances, while cost-effective in the long-run, may not be affordable in the short-term. CLICK HERE FOR PDF DOWNLOAD Save $250.00 on NEW INSTALL AC UNITS Facebook Address 22918 Long Ben Ln Cudjoe Key , FL 33042 Call us (305) 791-5020 email

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Do UV Lights Kill Mold and Bacteria?

UV works! Ultraviolet lights were shown to kill mold, viruses and bacteria more than 100 years ago.  In fact, in 1903, Niels Finsen was given the Noble Prize in Medicine for using UV to effectively treat patients with skin infections.Today, UV lights are used for germicidal use in hospitals, restaurants and grocery stores. And they have been shown effective in killing sterilizing an HVAC system. Here are two examples:1). In 2012, a study at Duke University Medical Center showed that UV lights killed 97% of bacteria that were resistant to antibiotics, the so-called superbug bacteria that are the toughest to kill.2). The Journal of Applied and Environmental Biology reported in 2001 that germicidal UV radiation significantly reduces airborne fungi in air handling units. Give us a CALL today with ANY Questions regarding UV LIGHTS ???? Call Coolaid Air Conditioning of the Lower Keys TODAY  5/5 5 STARS 305 791 5020

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Great TIPS to Reduce Cooling Costs This Summer​​

Great TIPS to Reduce Cooling Costs This Summer​ Maintain or replace your AC “AC efficiency is mostly a function of the technology,” Let humidity dictate AC settings Put the fan speed on low. The slower air movement through the air-conditioning equipment removes more moisture from the air, improving comfort in your home. Keep unit Clean! Cleaning and/or replacing filters once per month will lower an AC’s energy consumption by 5% to 15%. Plant trees around your house Most heat that accumulates inside a house comes directly from the sun shining onto the roof or through windows. Clothe your windows Solar screens, or mesh-like window screens, intercept up to 70 percent of solar energy before it gets into the house, Flip a switch Lower your air conditioner’s thermostat setting to 78 degrees Fahrenheit when you’re at home. CONTACT US @ 305.791.5020 Get ahead of the heat of summer! Call and Schedule your "Check UP" appointment today!

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Ductless Mini Split Systems

If you are looking for an alternative heating and air conditioning solution, consider installing a Mitsubishi ductless mini split system. These innovative ductless heating and cooling systems resolve a number of issues related to air duct inefficiency. Space-Saving & Easy Installation Save $$$ Versatility Mini split systems are a great way to heat and cool off any space.            Dave Link - Owner and CEO             Coolaid Air Conditioning Lower Keys           If you’re ready to upgrade to a ductless cooling system, turn to the professionals at Coolaid Air Conditioning of the Lower Florida Keys. Located in Summerland Key, Florida, we offer an industry-leading selection of systems. CONTACT US TODAY FOR YOUR FREE QUOTE! 305-791-5020

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